Halloween clipart

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Wedding invitations

These were really fun to make!

The happy couple were having the wedding in one location with a separate reception several states away a few months later.  The reception invitations were red and black on iridescent paper with a vellum overlay.

The ceremony invitation had a very slight pumpkin theme and were gatefold cards with ribbon closures.  These were just mock ups, on the final version I ended up using velcro closures to really keep the invitations secure.

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Mermaids and princesses

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Crocheting red panda…

Just a little something, this guy could also be knitting I suppose…

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Get well card



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Odds ‘n ends

I’ve been doing bits, a couple of custom stationery and invitation designs I’ve been working on, some embroidery designs for my mom… I’ve also been working on stickers and have been getting pretty good results cutting around very complex shapes, so I need to work up some collections and get them up on etsy.

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Party decorations and stationery sets…

Bits and pieces I’ve done over the last little while.

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What I’ve been up to lately…

So I haven’t posted anything in quite a while… this is mostly because I’ve been finishing up some very big projects!

First! I successfully graduated without giving birth in the cathedral!

Second! I successfully gave birth in neither the bathtub at home nor a layby on the way to the hospital (both were distinct possibilities)

I’d say these were both excellent uses of time, now I just have to get rid of some unwanted internal organs and I can get back to making things.

Like these little foxes I’m currently working on…

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Longship toy assembled

This is what it looks like all put together!  These little fellows are available from my etsy shop here



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